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37° JIC O-Ring Seal (FO)

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SABE offers a large selection of SAE 37 Flare-O fittings for your hydraulic systems, including SAE 37 flare to NPT adapters. They provide a tight seal, incorporating an elastomeric O-ring seal for a leak-proof connection. They serve as an ideal drop-in replacement for SAE 37 degree flared tube fittings. These fittings are extremely reliable, as they provide an exceptionally tight seal for a leak-free solution and are very popular due to their simple construction.
Flared fittings are often used on heavy machinery and industrial and construction equipment for connecting tube or hose in high-pressure and high-temperature applications. Review our wide range of flare-O fittings now for a safe, effective, and leak-free hydraulic system.
sae j514 37° female swivels • jic  
The 37° JIlC(Joint Industrial Council) fare is a reliable,straight thread, single-fare design that is used world-wide. It is popular in many applications and environments because it is compact and easy to assemble.
Italso features high holding power with low torque requirements.The 37' JIlC connection consists of three pieces the nut, the sleve, and the fitting in a range of sizes from 1/8"up through 2". The sleevenot only absorbs vibration, but acts as a support to the fare during assembly and helps reduce the risk of twisting the tube.
Since it is ametal-to-metal seal it can be reliably connected and reconnected multiple times. Because flaring is necesary,it is NOT recommended forthick wall tubing, and the tubing used should not be harder than Rockwell B65.For assembly instructions see the 37'JIC'Torque Valuesbelow, and the Female JIC Swivel details .
Hydraulic tube fitings are dimensionally standardirzed by SAE under 514, butbecause of differing manufacturing methods, and interpretationof conformance, actual performance will ary between brand.
This is where our Quality Assurance Department sets us apart from othermanufacturers.Pressure Connections takes great pride in each htting we sel. Standard material for our 37 RJlC httings is steel with a finishthat exceeds the SAE 72-hour salt spray requirements. For details about our Quality Assurance Program please reference the inside frontcover of this catalog.
sae j514 37° female swivels • jic