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Air Brake Rubber Hose Ends, Parker Air Brake RB Fitting
Air Brake Hose Ends

DOT Air Brake Fittings For Rubber Tubing (Hose Ends)

Conformance - Meets D.O.T. FMVSS571.106 standards when used with SAE J1402 Air brake rubber hose.


Use with SAE J1402 rubber hose for connection in air brake systems.


  1. Construction - Three piece unit: body, nut and sleeve. Extruded(Brass CA360 or CA345) Configuration.
  2. Vibration resistance - Fair resistance.
  3. Advantages - Easy to assemble and disassemble (no tube preparation or flaring required.)


  1. Temperature Range: Fittings will withstand variations from -40°F to +120°F (-40°C to +48°C)
  2. Working Pressure: Maximum operating pressure of 125 psi.

Assembly Instructions

DOT Air Brake Fitting(Hose Ends)

  1. Slide nut and sleeve onto hose. Make sure bevel edge of sleeve faces out toward fitting.
  2. Push and bottom hose into fitting.
  3. Screw nut until it contacts body hex.
Note: When reassembling fitting, body and nut should be inspected. Only reuse if parts are in proper condition. Sleeves should never be reused.

DOT Air Brake (Hose Ends)