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Advantages of hydraulic quick coupling

The hydraulic quick coupling is designed for special heavy loads. The material of the female coupling is chrome-plated steel, the male coupling and the locking sleeve of the female coupling are hardened to resist pressure and fatigue, with a two-stage seal; no leakage, with safety self-locking function.
This type of coupling is a kind of coupling that does not require the use of tools and can be assembled and disassembled quickly, and it has two types of structures: open and closed at both ends and open at both ends.
Both ends of the open and closed type quick coupling by the joint body, check valve spool, jacket, steel ball, spring and seal, etc.. When the two joint bodies are separated, the one-way valve spool extends outward under the action of the respective spring and presses on the conical hole of the joint body, so that the pathway is closed and the oil in the two sides of the tube is closed in the tube and cannot flow out; when the two joint bodies are connected, the two top rods of the front end of the one-way valve spool touch each other, forcing the spool to leave the conical hole of the joint body, so that the oil in the two sides of the tube is connected, and the two joint body with steel ball locking, work, the jacket in the spring under the action of the steel ball pressed in the joint body of the U-shaped groove, so that the joint body connected.
This kind of joint is easy to disassemble, but the structure is more complicated and the local resistance loss is larger, so it is suitable for pipeline system with oil and gas as medium.
The difference between open and closed end quick coupling and open end quick coupling is that there is no one-way valve in the body of the coupling, so when the two coupling bodies are separated, the path cannot be closed. One end of the coupling is connected to the hose by a three-flap hose coupling, and the core of the hose coupling is directly inserted into the quick coupling.


Post time: Nov-25-2021