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The convenience of hydraulic quick couplings

1. Quick repair and replacement on site
Some large construction machinery, such as drilling rigs, large cranes, etc., may have problems with the pipeline at any time under the harsh working conditions, so it is necessary to replace the pipeline parts in time. Therefore, in order to achieve this function, the application of hydraulic quick coupling is a good choice. Then there is usually a lot of hydraulic oil left in the hydraulic system, if the process of splitting is not well controlled, it will leak a lot of medium oil, which will cause a lot of waste on one hand, and cause a lot of pollution to the environment on the other hand, and it is very bad to clean up. The hydraulic quick coupling has integrated check valve at both ends, so it will not cause the leakage of medium oil in the system during the process of disassembly and installation, which plays a good role in guaranteeing the fast and smooth overhaul and maintenance.
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2. The need for long-distance transportation
Large equipment or large hydraulic systems are composed of many parts, a project is over, engineering machinery and equipment will need to rush to the next project site, and often need to be disassembled and transported, because a few large trailers can not be loaded to achieve the overall transport, and the cost will be very high. Therefore, it is necessary to realize disassembly and assembly on site, and then transported. The hydraulic quick coupling is the only one that can guarantee this quick connection and ensure the safety of the system without leakage.
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3. The need for rapid system switching
Large hydraulic systems sometimes need to be switched, for example, in the steel rolling process, the same rack needs to be switched repeatedly for the maintenance of some rack mechanisms. In the process of switching, the hydraulic pipeline needs to be quickly split and installed, so as to achieve rapid system switching, when the application of quick coupling is a good choice. In many cases, the system needs to be switched or repaired while in operation, which requires operation under pressure. The problem with pressurized operation is that the piping needs to be disassembled and parts replaced under hundreds of kilograms of system pressure. The hydraulic quick coupling is able to realize the quick disassembly and installation of the pipeline by quickly inserting and removing the coupling under the residual pressure of several hundred kilograms.
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As you can see, hydraulic quick couplings can indeed bring us great convenience in the production process. In today’s time is money era, improving production efficiency is the key to victory, not just focusing on the cost of the original parts.

Post time: Nov-25-2021