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Why use hydraulic quick couplings?

Hydraulic quick coupling is a kind of coupling that can realize the quick connection or disconnection of pipeline without tools, it has four main structural forms: straight type, single closed type, double closed type, and safety non-leakage type. The materials are mainly carbon steel, stainless steel and brass.

Straight-through type: Since there is no one-way valve in this connection system, it can reach a great flow rate and avoid the flow variation caused by the valve at the same time. When the medium is a fluid, such as water, the straight-through type quick-change coupling is the ideal choice. When disconnecting, intermediate fluid transfer must be stopped beforehand

Single closed type: Single closed type quick release couplings have a straight-through plug body; the check valve in the coupling body closes immediately when the connection is disconnected, which effectively prevents fluid leakage. Single-closed quick-change couplings are ideal for compressed air equipment.

Double-closure type: When disconnecting the double-closure type quick-change coupling, the check valves at both ends of the coupling close at the same time, while the medium remains in the pipeline and the original pressure can be maintained.

Safe and leak-free type: Both the connector body and the valve in the plug body are flush with the end face, with very small residual dead space. This ensures that when the connection is disconnected, there is no leakage of the medium. This design is especially suitable for corrosive media or sensitive environments, such as clean rooms, chemical plants, etc.
After looking at the pictures, do you think these joints are weirdly complicated and must be very expensive? It is true that the cost of hydraulic quick couplings is higher compared to ordinary hydraulic couplings, but the convenience it brings far exceeds the price difference between them.

Why should we use quick couplings?
1. Saving time and labor: disconnecting and connecting the oil circuit by quick coupling is simple, time and labor saving.
2. Save oil: When breaking the oil circuit, the single valve on the quick coupling can close the oil circuit, so the oil will not flow out and avoid the loss of oil and oil pressure
3. Space saving: various types to meet any piping needs
4. Environmental protection: When the quick coupling is disconnected and connected, the oil will not spill and protect the environment.
5. Equipment into pieces, easy to transport: large equipment or hydraulic tools that need to be easily carried, use quick couplings to split and transport, and then assemble and use after reaching the destination.
6. Economy: All the above advantages create economic value for customers.

Post time: Nov-25-2021