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Water Treatment System Push-In Fittings

Water Treatment Push-In Fittings (Plastic)

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Plastic Water Treatment System Fittings

Interchange With John Guest Fittings (Drinks Dispense And Pure Water Fittings)

■ Simply & Fast to install & uninstall with no tool. ■ Suitable for soft metal & plastic tubes. ■ Applied to pure water and potable liquids systems. ■ Reuseable-Can be assembled and disassembled repeatedly.(recommend to cut the surface-damaged part of tube). ■ For inert liquids & gases. Perfect performance for drinks dispense and pure water system.
Temperature Range -20°C to +70°C
Working Pressure Max 10 bar
Media Inert liquids & gases
Note: ■ Depending on the tube used, under certain conditions fittings may be used at higher pressures and temperatures. ■ They should be replaced once appear damaged, cracked, charred, discoloured, heat distorted or corroded. Any product that is or appears to be leaking should be replaced. ■ Product life is affected by the severity of the application, It is needed to set specific replacement intervals.
Installation Instructions
Thermoplastic Push In Fittings Assemble Thermoplastic Push In Fittings Disconnect
Figure 1 Figure 2
To connect tube (see figure 1)
■ Cut tubing squarely–maximum of 15° angle allowable. Use of tube cutter (PTC) is recommended. ■ Check that port or mating part is clean and free of debris. ■ Insert tube into fitting until it bottoms.Push twice to verify that tubing is inserted past collet & O-Ring. ■ Pull on tubing to verify it is fully inserted.
To disconnect tube (see figure 2)
■ Simply press release button, hold against body, and pull tubing out of fitting.

Water Treatment Fittings

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